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Tulsi Gabbard is a odds with the pack of Democrats running for President. She recently called them down for leveraging impeachment as a fundraising tool.

Tulsi has been at odds with the pack for some time. Her smackdown of Kamala Harris during a televised debate was epic. She schooled Harris as a hypocritical Attorney General who jailed pot users while admitting to smoking weed herself.

Here’s her Tweet calling out the pack:

Gabbard’s tweet was promoted by behavior she views as repulsive. After it was widely reported that Montana Governor, Steve Bulluck, Sen. Elizabeth Warren, and Tulsi’s favorite candidate, Sen. Kamala Harris, were trolling constituents for money by linking impeachment ads to their campaign donation pages, Tulsi hit her Twitter channel with a denunciation.

Gabbard’s moral tone has set her apart from the pack of presidential candidates. Tulsi is a war veteran and by virtue of that experience, she sees the world in black and white, good and evil, right and wrong.

Her demeanor is decidedly different than that of Sanders, Warren, Biden, Booker, Harris and the rest of the candidates. The difference shows in her stayed and steady persona. There is a lack of political hysteria in her presentation and this sets her apart.

She’s a Democrat. Her positions are decidedly left of center. She’s no Elizabeth Warren! Certainly, she bears no resemblance to Kamala Harris. I’ve often wondered what she really thinks of the reckless policies of Bernie Sanders.

My take is simple. Tulsi Gabbard is out of her element. This is not to say she is not every bit as good a debater or policy pundit as any of her Democrat opponents. At her core, I believe Tulsi Gabbard is simply a realist, mostly due to her military credentials and experiences.

Tulsi is at odds with the pack because she is not a part of the pack. Her reasoned delivery and tempered analysis of policy are more like a rational, well-orbed thinker who has seen a thing a two than a wild-eyed global lunatic in search of utopia.

Gabbard will not be the Democrat nominee for President of the United States. Nonetheless, her political ambitions will continue, and her following will continue to grow.

While Tulsi will remain at odds with the pack, denying her America’s ultimate political office, she will have a long career in politics. Who knows how the wheel will spin for her?

She is much more suited to her established role as a disciplined, thoughtful thinker than a member of the pack.

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